Unlimited Innovation

Since embarking on game development in 2014, we have created products that have ranked at the top in the United States and other countries. Our mission is to create games that provide fantastic experiences for hundreds of millions of players worldwide
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Non-Stop Innovation

We constantly strive to learn, adapt, and innovate to create something different. There's no sustainable success; only new innovations and creativity can propel you forward


We always respect the unique values of each individual and are ready to create favorable conditions for everyone to express their differences. We are also willing to share with each other the difficulties in life and work


We are here because of a shared passion, and we're also here to turn that passion into motivation and joy on the journey to success


At Inwave Studio, we always prioritize a sense of responsibility. We believe that responsibility towards everyone, towards our products, and towards users is a prerequisite for success.

Team spirit

Inwave Studio believes that teamwork will help us surpass ourselves and achieve every goal ahead.


Inwave Studio always values honesty. We are consistent in our words and actions towards everyone, everywhere, and at all times.



Android & iOS downloads.

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Global Release Games
Since its establishment in 2017, Inwave Studio has been focusing on 06 music games and reach 450+M downloads
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Google Editor's Choice
Two out of the six games from Inwave Studio have been honored with the Editor's Choice badge on Google Play.


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