Why join Inwave Studio

To satisfy the passion for game development, confront new challenges, and create products for millions of players

Quarterly performance bonus

We believe that everyone should be fairly rewarded for their contribution. Your result is key here - you get what you give.
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Self growth

We seek top talents, create a fun and vital environment, and help each other to become the best version of ourselves
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Professional working environment

Professional, creative working environment and talented teams, equal-opportunities & agile culture
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You will be enrolled in full health insurance and unemployment insurance as per regulations. Additionally, you will receive free support for an annual comprehensive health check-up package.
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Physical activities

Inwave Studio regularly organizes beneficial extracurricular activities such as soccer, gym workouts, yoga, and electronic games, monthly team building events, and annual trips.
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Respect and listen

We understand that to enable each individual to unleash their inherent abilities and creativity, there needs to be an environment where every sharing and contribution is valued and respected.
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The position currently open for recruitment

Playable Ads

Music Content

Digital Marketing cho Game Mobile

Game Designer

02 Lập trình viên Cocos

Game QC

Monetization Specialist

Senior 3D Concept Artist

R&D Specialist

2D Game Artist

User Acquisition

Product Owner

VFX Game Artist

Lập trình viên Unity

Video Editors

Backend Developer