Summer vacation in Quang Binh with Inwave

Summer vacation in Quang Binh with Inwave

Let’s travel for 4 days 3 nights to explore Quang Binh with Inwave! Get ready!

Another lively summer is approaching, have you and your family or company planned where to go for vacation yet?

For Inwave specifically, this year we have chosen Quang Binh – a land in the Central region full of sunshine and wind, where nature has bestowed many famous landscapes and breathtaking scenery that captivate the hearts of people.

And from June 18th to 22nd, Inwave was present in Quang Binh to kick off its summer vacation… Let’s enjoy the summer together with Inwave Studio!

The Inwave team took commemorative photos together.
Which team will be the champion of the Teambuilding event???
Surely it will be the yellow team

The game requires physical strength and endurance.
Let’s link arms and see who’s “longer”!
Let’s support our “colleagues” together.
Being carried is really enjoyable.
Venturing beyond the waves into the vast ocean.
Let’s take a moment to admire many beautiful pictures from the “Inwave on wave” program. ^^

Chơi các trò chơi trên biển nào!!!
Biệt đội khám phá Sông Chày, Hang Tối
Đu Zipline tại sông Chày
Tắm bùn tại hang Tối nè
Khám phá hang Chà Lòi
Bơi sông mát cực
Gala Dinner mát mẻ, đậm chất đi “bỉn”

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